Build your android & iOS app, website, brand or video game with us.

Not only do we execute our projects with exceptional craftmanship, we also harness our soft skills including good communication and high emotional intelligence to produce works tailored to the specific needs of clients.

Who we are

Backend Developer

Frontend Developer

A Team of Two.

We are more of a family than a team, bound by our shared love for creativity and precision. As tech-savvies we implement projects by employing the use of modern cutting-edge technologies at par with current trends. Nope, we are not boring! We do fun stuff too – music(although we disagree on genres), rally racing, video gaming and more. Most significantly, we relish codes. We are not your regular IT guys, we are more!

Dedicated To The Work We Love.

We embark on each project with excitement and fervor. With our clients' best interest at heart, we assemble our respective skillset to deliver creative solutions based on standard sets of software engineering and design principles.
Ingenuity is our hallmark which is evident on the imprints of artistry we leave on each project. We also collaborate with our clients throughout the build process to make sure that final results of proects are widely accepted. To us, project time is Morphing Time!

Services we offer

iOS and Android App Development

Our cross-platform mobile applications undergo rigorous processes before they are finally deployed. We place emphasis on the preliminary stages of the build process, which consists of carefully planned research, feasibility studies and requirement analysis. The findings are organized into design models, which are eventually written into codes. Finished applications are finally tested for performance, scalability, adaptability and security; all the while paying attention to unique user experience.

Web Design and Web App Development

Startle your visitors with an immersive website that keeps users engaged. Easy navigation, captivating contents and interactive elements are just the right features to reduce bounce rates. What is a website without visitors? This is why we ensure that all our websites are optimized to be easily indexed by search engines for higher rankings in search results. We also engage the use of analytical tools to better understand the demographics of visitors, links mostly interacted with, landing sites and so much more.

Branding and Graphic Design

We brand everything – vehicles, mugs, complementary cards, flyers, billboards, logos, t-shirts, products and all you can possibly think of. A perfect brand can boost sale and increase revenue. We do just that by conveying the right message to customers through visually stimulating artworks designed to speak volumes. Every stroke of brush and every splash of color is intentionally orchestrated to bring your dreams to life.

Hey! We Develop Video Games Too.

We love developing games just as much as we love to play them. We make intriguing games that are both thrilling and challenging. From arcade to puzzle, strategy or logic, our games provide you an escape hatch from the everyday stress to a whole new world. Beware, our games can be addictive!

Work with us to make the difference you need.

I didn’t just get a website, but a high ranking one with a prominent online presence. Dokunu Smoothie is the topmost result in a google search. I love the beauty of the website itself and its simplistic nature.

Paakwesi Twum

Entrepreneur - Dokunu Smoothie

Very talented problem-solvers who deploy digital solutions tailored to make your life and business processes improve in a short time.

Edward Osei-Nyarko

Senior Dev - Codlogics Software Engineering

Lets meet in Accra or online to discuss your next big project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When do you receive payment?

A commitment fee of 40% of the total service cost is paid, and the remaining 60% paid after delivery of service.

Do you provide maintenance after delivery of service?

After-delivery services are provided at a fee for maintenance of websites or applications including updates, or changes due to modification of business plan, anomalies, etc.

How do I receive pricing of services?

The full price list of our services is sent on request by mail or text for the perusal of our client.